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Country fact sheets on investments to tackle plastic pollution

A comprehensive resource which provides data and insights on the key topics of plastic material flows, policies, and investment into tackling plastic pollution for 30 countries

Our Mission

Solve the ocean plastic pollution challenge and build circular and equitable economies across emerging markets.

Our Approach

The Circulate Initiative delivers cutting-edge research and builds high-impact programs and partnerships, with a focus on addressing system-level barriers to the circular economy and driving collective action with corporations, investors and policymakers.


We leverage our expertise and network of strategic partners to develop research, analysis and tools that identify gaps and opportunities to address the plastic pollution problem. These insights inform decision-making, helping stakeholders prioritize strategies, establish targets, scale impactful solutions and measure outcomes.

Cutting across critical topics related to plastics circularity, our research projects form the foundation of our programs and partnerships, allowing us to bring robust, data-driven perspectives to our work.

Programs and Partnerships

We work with an extensive ecosystem of global, regional and local partners to develop and implement new programs that address systemic barriers in the plastics circular economy.


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