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Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker

Our newly launched Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker is a world -first tool that provides insights into the flow of private capital into the circular economy for plastics in emerging markets.


The accompanying insights report, ‘Monitoring capital flows to tackle the ocean plastic pollution challenge’, provides a view of the current investment landscape to enable stakeholders to identify where resources must be directed to tackle the global plastic pollution challenge.

Our Mission

Solve the ocean plastic pollution challenge by supporting the incubation of circular, inclusive and investible waste management and recycling systems and generating insights that accelerate investment and scale.

Our Approach

The Circulate Initiative brings together a highly collaborative community of innovators, investors, partners and programs to develop solutions and knowledge that reduce plastic pollution and advance inclusive and circular economies.

We do this in two main ways:


Alongside expert partners from our community, we support innovators in emerging countries to source, support and scale effective solutions that end plastic leakage into the ocean.

Through our incubation programs, we encourage more and better businesses to get involved in the circular economy, to make the sector more attractive for investment and ultimately build a pipeline of investible solutions.


We leverage our expertise and network of strategic partners to develop insights and tools that help identify gaps to solving the plastic pollution problem, prioritize strategies, set baselines and targets, and measure the success of solutions.

Our relationships from across industries and geographies allows us to form a unique viewpoint on the implementation of inclusive and effective solutions on the ground and to amplify what works so stakeholders can make better decisions about engaging in the sector.

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