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Alongside expert partners, we support innovators in emerging countries to source, support and scale effective solutions that end plastic leakage into the ocean. 

Through our incubation programs, we encourage more and better businesses to get involved in the circular economy, to make the sector more attractive for investment and ultimately build a pipeline of investible solutions.



Our flagship program, The Incubation Network, powered in partnership with impact innovation company SecondMuse, is an impact-driven initiative that sources, supports, and scales holistic innovative solutions to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems and combat plastic pollution with a diverse network of key partners.

The Incubation Network gathers more than 300 actors to source, support, and scale solutions that prevent plastic pollution.

Urban Ocean WHITE.PNG

Launched in partnership with Ocean Conservancy and Resilient Cities Network, Urban Ocean is a platform for cities to accelerate the circular economy, stop plastic leakage and advance resilience through capacity building and by channeling investment. 

The program works directly with cities to implement scalable solutions by bringing together new ideas, partners and resources.

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