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Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker


The Circulate Initiative's Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker provides insights into private investments in plastics circularity in emerging markets. Investment data is available by geography, solution and investment categories from 2018 onwards.

For example, what is the investment made into Asian companies offering refill/reuse solutions in 2018?


An estimated US$1.2 trillion is needed globally to fully transition and scale the plastics circular economy to the level of infrastructure required for sustainable development.


However, there is limited transparency around the financing of plastics circularity solutions, and a lack of data or resources to assess the investment opportunity. Governments, investors, multilateral organizations and other stakeholders committed to solving the global plastic pollution crisis need to have a clear view of capital being deployed to ensure funding barriers to circularity can be addressed. 


An industry-first, The Circulate Initiative’s Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker will enable key decision-makers to view the current investment landscape into plastic circularity and understand the extent of the financing gap. 


Leveraging deal-level information on private investments in emerging markets since 2018, the Investment Tracker provides unique insights on the investments channeled to different solutions across the plastics value chain, their scale, and the regions where there is higher investment activity.

About the Tracker


The tracker's functionality enables users to filter data to reveal previously hard-to-determine insights about investment activity in plastic circularity.  For example: what is the investment made into Asian companies offering refill/reuse solutions in 2018?

The tool allows users to explore the data utilizing the following filters: 

Who should use the tracker?

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Read the Insights

The report “The Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker: Monitoring capital flows to tackle the ocean plastic pollution challenge” provides insights and analysis of plastics circularity investments that have taken place in emerging markets from January 2018 to September 2022.

Learn more about how much capital has been deployed across a range of geographies, the types of plastics circularity solutions receiving investments, and key trends in the plastics circularity investment space.

Frequently Asked Questions


Click below to read the frequently asked questions about the plastics circularity tracker.

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