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VOICES: Empowering waste workers on the path to a just transition

November 14, 2023

During INC-3, which gathered industry experts, leaders, and stakeholders from across the globe in Nairobi, The Circulate Initiative hosted an in-person event which put the spotlight on waste workers. The event showcased the critical role waste workers play in tackling the global plastic waste challenge with a movie screening of the journeys, challenges and aspirations of waste workers from Vietnam, South Africa, India and Nigeria. 

The event was joined by guest panelists from UN Habitat, International Alliance of Waste Pickers, The Coca-Cola Company, African Reclaimers Organisation, Alliance of Indian Wastepickers, Kenya National Waste Pickers Welfare Association, and Mr. Green Trading Africa Kenya Ltd., who shared insights on how waste worker voices can be amplified at the negotiating table.


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