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Waste: Melaka chosen as learning city for circular economy

The Edge Malaysia

Author: Ravinyaa Ravimalar

Melaka was chosen to be part of a global city-to-city capacity building programme for circular economy projects last year, thanks to its commitment to sustainability. The programme, Urban Ocean, was organised by The Circulate Initiative (TCI) — a non-profit organisation focused on solving ocean plastic pollution — alongside non-profit Ocean Conservancy and the Resilient Cities Network. Urban Ocean is a capacity building and project accelerator programme designed with cities for cities, and primarily uses peer-to-peer learning to raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution and improve waste management systems.

“We [TCI] are going to close knowledge gaps and provide insights into the solutions and tools to navigate this problem. It can help decision-makers look at the wider picture, since the plastic waste problem is also a climate problem,” says Umesh Madhavan, TCI’s research director. He also leads the Insights team — a group of experts, alongside a network of strategic partners, that develops insights and tools to solve plastic pollution.

The article also appeared in The Edge Malaysia's weekly print edition.


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