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Women leading the plastic revolution

Updated: May 26, 2022


From business leaders to activists, women are paving the way forward for a waste-free future

The plastic waste crisis can be seen and felt in all corners of the planet, affecting nature and people alike. At WWF, we're approaching this global and complex problem with holistic solutions, because we need everyone to come together—including scientists, business leaders, environmentalists, community organizers, and more—to make real impact. In our work, we've noticed an inspiring trend worth celebrating: many of those who are paving the way forward for a waste-free future are women.

We've invited some of these women leading the charge against plastic pollution to share their thoughts on the significance of this dynamic. The list we've assembled here is by no means complete. It's a snapshot of just some of the amazing women I've had the pleasure of interacting with on the journey to tackle the plastic waste crisis. There are many other women at the helm in various capacities and regions around the world, and we celebrate them all.


Business Innovation & Investment

The private sector is a critical lever for catalyzing the systems-change we need in plastic production, use, and waste management. It takes decision-makers and voices that will disrupt "business-as-usual" by bringing new, bold, and ambitious actions to the table through corporate strategy, business model innovation, and investing.

Ellen Martin Chief Impact Officer at Circulate Capital / Director of Programs and Insights at The Circulate Initiative

"I have learned so much from the many 'women of waste' in my life and continue to be inspired by them every day. I feel very lucky to work alongside them in the fight against plastic pollution and toward a more inclusive, circular economy."


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