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World Environment Day 2020: How a pandemic is changing sustainability

Updated: May 26, 2022


To mark World Environment Day, experts in green finance, circular economy, renewable energy, ecotourism, regenerative agriculture, environmental journalism and sustainable cities tell Eco-Business how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their worlds.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY - Susan Ruffo, executive director, The Circulate Initiative: Our work in the circular economy has been directly impacted by the pandemic, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities in the waste management systems we are trying to fix. Jobs such as waste picking that are already unsafe have become even more so. Systems that struggle to manage waste are grappling with increased volumes and contamination. Entrepreneurs in the sector are affected by the economic slowdown, and declining oil prices have made virgin plastic even more appealing. Positive behavioural changes, like using reusable bags and cups, have been rolled back by regulation or practice.

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