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Country Profile – Cambodia

Year of Publication


This report highlights the detrimental effects of increasing plastic production and inadequate waste management on Cambodia's environment, and the efforts of the government and multilateral organizations to combat plastic pollution through the 4Rs approach and regulatory measures.


SEA Circular






Purpose of Measurement:

Understanding the Problem, Monitoring and Evaluation, Solution Sets and Impact Potential

Impact theme(s):

Policy, Behavior Change

This report highlights how increasing plastic production and consumption, particularly single-use plastic packaging and inadequate waste management services, is causing severe plastic pollution in Cambodia's terrestrial, waterways and marine environment. The Cambodian government is implementing economic and regulatory measures to reduce single-use plastic while investing in the 4Rs approach - refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling - with support from multilateral organizations. However, Cambodia requires systemic change to improve waste management services, including strengthening institutional capacity, implementing regulations, promoting engagement of all actors in the plastic value chain, and enhancing waste management facilities and recycling infrastructure. Additionally, Cambodia needs a national marine litter hotspot assessment, monitoring programs, and action plans to address marine plastic pollution.

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