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Solid and Industrial Hazardous Waste Management Assessment – Options and Action Area to Implement the National Strategy

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This report provides an assessment of Vietnam's domestic solid waste management situation and presents a range of scenarios for sector improvements, analyzing their financial sustainability requirements and identifying necessary reforms and action areas.


World Bank





Primary Data, Strategy

Purpose of Measurement:

Understanding the Problem, Solution Sets and Impact Potential

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The report provides an assessment of the current situation of Domestic Solid Waste Management and establishes a minimum scenario to improve basic environmental conditions and service levels. The report then analyses progressively more advanced solid waste management scenarios to improve sector infrastructure with the focus on waste reduction and analysis financial sustainability requirements. It does this through analyzing these different options for solid waste sector improvements, accompanying requirements for investments and operational costs that are needed to achieve these improvements in the sector in the short to medium term. The report then analyses the tariff and financing needs and accompanying affordability impact. Based on that analysis, the report identifies potential institutional, legal, financial or policy reforms needed to improve operations and make them financially sustainable and explore options and requirements for private sector involvement. The report concludes with the definition of action areas required in order for Vietnam to successfully implement its strategy on Solid Waste Management. Part II of the report focuses on hazardous waste management.

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