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Tangaroa Blue Foundation Annual Report

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This annual reports highlights the achievements of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation in 2021, including the release of marine debris monitoring protocols, the diversion of over 30 tonnes of debris from the Great Barrier Reef, and the recording of over 20 million items in the AMDI Database.


Tangaroa Blue






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Tangaroa Blue Foundation has had another impressive year and continues to grow as an organisation. To share with you just some of our team’s great achievements, we’ve: (1) released the first catchment scale marine debris monitoring protocols in Australia, (2) diverted over 30 tonnes of debris during 340 clean-up events from the Great Barrier Reef in 2021 through ReefClean, (3) celebrated the passing of the UN’s Global Plastics Treaty resolution. Through collaboration with an extensive network of local communities, organisations, Indigenous rangers, industry and government across Australia, we create change to protect the environment by removing debris, recording data, working to stop the flow and reducing the amount of waste produced. The AMDI Database continues to be world-leading and has been a source of inspiration for other initiatives. As of this year we now have over 20 million items recorded in the AMDI, a record everyone at Tangaroa Blue can be proud of.

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