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The Plastic Offset Protocol

Year of Publication


rePurpose provides individuals and businesses with plastic offsets.







Measurement (Company/Product/Project)

Purpose of Measurement:

Monitoring and Evaluation

Impact theme(s):

Material Flows, Livelihoods

rePurpose provides individuals and businesses with plastic offsets. Offsets are created when rePurpose subsidizes the ethical collection and recycling of Low Value Plastic (LVP) that wouldn't ordinarily be profitable to recycle. The organization also funds the creation of new recycling infrastructure and circular innovations. rePurpose ensures that vetted waste organizations intercept an amount of low-value plastic equivalent to an entity's plastic footprint. Their partner organizations also enable waste workers to work in ethical conditions, earn liveable incomes, and gain better access to education and healthcare. All rePurpose payments are securely routed to the organization of the donors choice. rePurpose guarantees that a contribution will keep the promised amount of plastic out of our oceans and landfills while simultaneously increasing the recycling capacity of our partners and empowering impoverished waste workers. Donors receive real-time tracking of both social and environmental impact (volume recycled, type of plastic, workers impacted) at the beginning of every month. rePurpose retains 15 percent of the payment to build a global community of reBalancers, track on-the-ground impact, and work side-by-side with local partners to execute capacity-improving projects.

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