The Circulate Initiative’s Insights includes all the work undertaken through our measurement work, in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders. With Insights, we aim to better inform industry and stakeholders to build enabling conditions for advancement of the circular economy.

A Sea of Plastics Claims and Credits: Steering Stakeholders Towards Impact

As more companies and governments make commitments to address plastic pollution, several plastic offset claims and credit schemes have emerged.


We reviewed the current landscape of standards, certifications and credit programs to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current programs and whether they are equipped to help buyers meet their impact objectives.

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Measuring Our Success:

How Better Data Can Help Keep Plastic Out of the Ocean

We reviewed the existing landscape for ocean plastic metrics and tools in collaboration with a multisectoral group of experts to identify key trends and gaps in data and methods as well as opportunities to continue advance the field. We welcome partners to join us in this effort.

View the resources reviewed as part of this analysis in our Knowledge Bank for a more in-depth look at existing research, resources and tools focused on solutions to address ocean plastics and measures of impact.

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