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Delterra and The Circulate Initiative release report on the ROI of behavior change in recycling

Updated: May 31, 2022

Waste Advantage Magazine

Delterra, an environmental nonprofit with its flagship initiative focused on building recycling systems in emerging economies, in collaboration with The Circulate Initiative, a nonprofit aimed at ending plastic pollution and advancing the circular economy, released its report, Making ‘Cents’ of Recycling Behavior: The Return on Investment of Spreading the Recycling Habit.

The report affirms how recycling behavior isn’t a nice-to-have; instead, it’s key to making the economics of recycling work. Analysis of Delterra’s projects in three distinctly different recycling environments in emerging markets – an informal settlement in Buenos Aires, a set of urban districts in Bali, and a mid-sized Argentinian city – shows that investing in behavior change pays for itself in recycling outcomes.


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