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Solid Waste and Circular Economy Hub

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Find links to information systems, authorities and national reports on solid waste and circular economy available in the different countries of the region.


Solid Waste and Circular Economy Hub



Latin America and the Caribbean


Measurement (System/Market/Tool)

Purpose of Measurement:

Understanding the Problem

Impact theme(s):

Material Flows, Capital Flows, Climate

The solid waste and circular economy Hub is a conglomerate of open data, which provides evidence of the evolution of the sector, its link with the Sustainable Development Goals, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. It seeks to support countries in their digital transformation for the design and implementation of effective public policies and innovative management models in the information age. At the same time, it becomes a regional meeting point to improve statistics on waste and circular economy.

The available data is generated from consultation on the websites of national statistical offices and sectoral institutions, as well as from information provided and validated jointly with the sectoral authorities of the participating countries, guaranteeing the integrity and traceability of the statistics.

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